Zerund brick

Cost saving: Buildings made from our bricks can save upto 15-20% money in comparison to normal red bricks.

Higher strength: Very high compressive strength than other lightweight bricks.

Lightweight: 50% lighter than normal red bricks.

LESS WATER ABSORPTION: One of the best properties that differentiates our product from our competitors is the less water absorption. It helps to minimise cracks and efflorescence.

Fire resistance: Our reports prove that the product has 1.4 times more fire resistance than normal red clay brick.

Sound insulation: Our products can be used extensively at places requiring high sound insulation like Auditoriums, movie halls, hospitals etc. This is because the bricks have air voids within them which creates a lot of sound insulation.

Energy saving: Saves a lot of energy and electricity consumption.

Time saving in construction: The bricks are easy to handle and saves a lot of time during its installation.

High tensile strength: The use of plastic helps to increase the tensile properties of the brick, this as a result helps to reduce cracks in the product.

Social advantages: We use 500-600kgs of waste plastics on a daily basis thereby saving the environment from getting contaminated.

    Parameters Values
    Compressive Strength 38-45 Kg/Cm2
    Dry Density 900-1000 Kg/m3
    Water Absorption 6-7%
    Thermal Conductivity .16 W/m-k
    Fire Resistance 6 Hrs.
    Drying Shrinkage .04%


    Properties ZERUND Red Clay Brick AAC Brick
    Precision in size Variation upto 1(+/-) mm Variation upto 5(+/-) mm Variation upto 2(+/-) mm
    Compressive Strength 38-45 kg/cm2 38-60 kg/cm2 25-35 Kg/cm2
    Dry Density 900-1100 kg/cm3 >1800 kg/cm3 800-1000 kg/cm3
    Fire Resistance 6-7 Hours 2-2.5 Hrs. 3-4 Hrs.
    Construction Time 50% less than red clay brick Double of ZERUND brick 50% less than red clay brick
    Finishing Can be precisely cut in required size Not possible Same as ZERUND brick
    Cost Reduction Factor Saving upto 30% cost due to reduction in dead load No cost benefit Saving upto 30% cost due to reduction in dead load
    Energy Saving Greater than 35% of air conditioning load reduction No energy saving 30% of air conditioning load reduction
    Weathering effect Excellent in resisting weathering effect Subjected to damping Does not work as a resistant to weathering effect
    Water Absorption 6 to 7% Very High 25 to 30%